The airport has a 116,000 ft² traveler terminal with five second-level doors with traveler flyways and three ground-level suburbanite entryways with traveler stream ways.

The terminal is a 116,000 square foot two-level, officially opened in November 2004. The old terminal structure was obliterated before long. The terminal has zones for ticketing and baggage carousel and upper and lower courses with doors. The main level has Gates A1, A2, and A3 and holding up concessions and territories. The second-level concourse of the airport has Gates B1, B2, and B3 and a café and concession zones. The terminal was intended to permit future extension.

There was an undertaking in 2010 to broaden the concourse 120 feet and include three entryways. Passengers can access the terminal off of State Road 85. Parking offices are on one side. The terminal or circle is straight ahead, and rental vehicle return is to one side. The air terminal circle street has two go through paths on the left and three appearance flight paths before the terminal.